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Belgium is becoming a very popular European family holiday destination. Holiday makers like to take a family holiday in Belgium and rent self catering holiday accommodation. Belgium has some great holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments that can be rented direct from their owners as holiday accommodation.

Other Belgians work in the rich coal mines in the central and northern parts of the country. Still others are farmers. Though there is a fertile region in central Belgium (Flanders), the soil is poor in the southern and eastern sections. The hardworking Belgian farmer has learned the latest and best ways to raise crops, and so he gets the most out of the soil. Everyone has to go to school between the ages of 6 and 14. There are also schools where boys and girls can learn various trades.

The vivacious and sophisticated societal scene at Belgium augmented with multicultural, multi ethnic and multi linguistic atmosphere makes it a perfect place for foreigners to pursue their higher education. The sparkling and pleasurable type of weather n this part of the continent makes your stay even more satisfying. It also has a strongly globalized economy and is among the 15 largest trading nations. In spite of the cultural, language and political barricades, Belgium boasts of a shared cultural sphere wherein everyone can acclimatize straight forwardly. This nation is also renowned for its cuisine which will surely tickle your taste buds; most famous being French fries (this originated in Belgium), beer, chocolate and waffles.

But what are the golf courses in Belgium which the wanabe golfer needs to play while? There are plenty to choose from (according to the Royal Belgian Golf Federation, there are 78 affiliated clubs!) so even the most fussy golfer is bound to find at least one or two to their tastes. As ever, we've done our research and here are a few of my favourites for those looking to take a golf break in Belgium:

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When to visit
The warmest time of the year is April through to September but Belgium weather is inclined to provide days of grey skies and rain at any time.
A popular tourist attraction takes place at the beginning of July. This is the Ommegang Pageant, a spectacular medieval festival dating back to 1359. The colorful procession through the streets of Brussels is followed by a flag and horse parade. Next, crossbow men surround a statue of the Virgin that the procession has escorted from the Sablon Church.

It is nice to see that the medieval image of the city is still preserved.
Modernity pervaded throughout the city has not overshadowed the reflection of medieval time. The moment you land in the city you find the wealthy Flemish culture and commercial success. However, you cannot overlook the modern Gent city. An important harbor exists in the city.
This is a favorite spot for organizing the �Flanders Technology Fair� because of its central location.

Two universities are run by the government at Liege and Ghent, and there are other important universities at Brussels and Louvain. Both grownups and children love sports in Belgium, though few sports are played in the schools. Football (which is what Europeans call soccer) is very popular throughout the country. The name of the national team is the "Red Devils." The most popular sport in Belgium is bicycle road-racing, and children follow the success of their racing heroes the way children in the United States follow the batting averages of their favorite players. Almost everybody owns a bicycle.

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That game featured many of the players who will take the field in Salvador on Tuesday, with the notable exception of Michael Bradley. Belgian consistently burned the U.S. back line and took advantage of some failed clearances.
Kevin Mirallas scored in the sixth minute on a Tim Howard blunder:
After the U.S. tied it up at 1-1, the Belgians unleashed three goals in 15 minutes during the second half.